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Decoding Criminal Case Dispositions – Part II

In the previous piece about decoding criminal case dispositions, we listed the most common dispositions (e.g., guilty, not guilty, dismissal, not prosecuted). Here is a list of less common criminal case dispositions, some of which may be only found in one jurisdiction: Suspended Sentence: This means the court has delayed the sentencing for an offense […]

Civil Case Dispositions – Dismissals

A dismissal also can take one of two forms: With prejudice – which means the plaintiff is barred from filing a new lawsuit based on the same claim. Without prejudice – which means the plaintiff can still file a new lawsuit based on the same claim, such as when the defendant does not carry through […]

New York Drunk Driving Laws: DWI v. DWAI v. DUI

Almost everyone has heard the terms DWI and DUI, and many think that both are interchangeable. New York law uses a third term – DWAI. None of these terms are interchangeable, and New York law does not use the term DUI or driving under the influence. In New York, there are two main “drunk driving […]

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