Here is a sample document illustrating company policy on employee use of email and Internet. You can use this as a starting point in developing your company’s own policy.

SAMPLE: Employee Email and Internet Usage Policy

Email, software, and Internet access assigned to an employee’s computer and the employee’s telephone and voicemail are solely for the purpose of conducting company business.

Only people appropriately authorized, for company purposes, may use the internet to access and download additional software. Authorization decisions are made by the Information Technology (IT) department in conjunction with HR .

Software Access Procedure

  • Any additional software beyond the standard configuration must be requested by your manager, then authorized and installed by the IT department or as one of the approved apps on the Microsoft Store.
  • If you need access to websites or other resources that are currently not approved, talk with your manager and consult with the IT department to explain your need.
  • All reasonable requests that are not considered a network risk will be considered. The purpose of this policy is not to restrict employee access to software and other resources. Rather, the goal is to minimize the risk to the organization’s network due to security breaches.

Company-Owned Equipment

  • Any desktop/laptop computer or device including, but not limited to, desk phones, printers, smartphones, tablets, and tablets that the company provides for your use, should be used strictly for company business.
  • Keep in mind that the company owns the devices and the information on these devices. If you leave the company for any reason, the company will require that you return the equipment on your last day of work.
  • The company recognizes that “life happens” at times so a reasonable amount of personal usage is allowed. If it becomes a problem, it might result in disciplinary action.
  • You may use personal electronic devices that are not connected to the company network to access any appropriate internet site during breaks and lunch.

Internet Usage

Internet use on company time or using company-owned devices that are connected to the company network is authorized to conduct company business only. This minimizes the potential of security breaches of confidential company information.

Internet use also creates the possibility of contamination to our system via viruses or spyware. Spyware allows unauthorized people outside of the company to gain potential access to company passwords and other confidential information.