What does a post-COVID-19 world look like? Recent studies indicate this virus will be in our lives for the foreseeable future, impacting economies around the world for months longer than we first thought, maybe even years. But, the economic reality is that we can’t wait until the virus is eradicated to reopen businesses. Here we’ll keep you abreast of media coverage and expert recommendations as we navigate this uncharted territory.

CNBC: Reopening America: A state-by-state breakdown of the status of coronavirus restrictions

Apr/20/2020TravelTravel Biz Predictions For A Post COVID-19 World
Forbes - As the travel industry reels from the impact of global pandemic, here’s what experts say is likely to play out in the aftermath.
Apr/20/2020DiningThis is How Zomato Aims to Revive Restaurant Industry Post Covid-19 Lockdown
Entrepreneur - The platform will introduce a new feature 'Contactless Dining' post the lockdown to minimise touchpoints and ensure safety of diners
Apr/20/2020WorkplacePost COVID-19 business models: Finding the new normal
CIO - Pivots and process changes, yes. New normal? Not so fast.
Apr/20/2020GovernmentFive Bold Predictions For The Post Covid-19 World
Forbes - Anyone who claims to know the answers is guessing. So let’s instead peer past the Covid-19 panic. Let’s imagine that it is a year from now, springtime 2021. What will the world look like? Here are five predictions.
Apr/20/2020WorkplaceWhat Will Reopening Workplaces Look Like?
SHRM - Companies’ and workers’ priorities have changed during the coronavirus pandemic
Apr/21/2020Travel, SafetyReopened Wynn Resorts will have thermal cameras, masks, CEO says
Las Vegas Review Journal - Wynn Resorts Ltd.'s CEO hopes to see the Las Vegas Strip "slowly begin" to reopen in the next month.
Apr/21/2020Travel, SafetyMarriott CEO Says Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change Hotel Stays
Bloomberg - Marriott International Inc. is working on new ways to protect guests and hotel workers
Apr/21/2020SafetyAll Microsoft events will be digital-only until July 2021
The Verge - Microsoft is planning to make all of its internal and external events digital-only until July 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Apr/21/2020Travel, SafetyA Plan to Re-Open Nevada
The Nevada Independent - Matt Maddox, CEO of Wynn Resorts and his company's proposed plan to reopen Wynn Las Vegas
Apr/27/2020Workplace, Safety, TravelSome Las Vegas Strip workers wary of returning during pandemic
Las Vegas Review Journal - It’s not just visitors who Las Vegas Strip casino operators may need to persuade to come back.
Apr/27/2020Safety, Industry DisruptorsCovid-19 Is Pulling the Plug on Clean Energy Jobs
Wired - A new analysis warns that up to 500,000 jobs in the renewable energy industry will be wiped out by June, including ones in solar power, biofuels, and electric cars.
Apr/27/2020Retail, Safety, Robotics, New Normal, Industry DisruptorsThe pandemic is bringing us closer to our robot takeout future
Arstechnica - “We saw that business double overnight,” startup says of UK grocery deliveries.
Apr/27/2020Dining, New NormalBuffets banned, no water jugs and no standing on buses: The big changes to your everyday life that could be brought in after coronavirus lockdown restrictions are relaxed
Daily Mail - Australia: Prime Minister Scott Morrison said review of restrictions to take place on May 11
Apr/28/2020New Normal, Safety, WorkplaceUSA Today - Workers face 'uphill battle' proving firms liable if they catch COVID-19 as economy reopens
A handful of states are reopening for business following coronavirus-triggered lockdowns, raising two compelling questions: Must employers ensure the workplace is safe? And will they be held liable if employees contract the virus?
Apr/28/2020New NormalWhat If the New Normal Is Better?
Entrepreneur - Three areas that your company can actually improve during a crisis.
May/01/2020Government, New Normal, SafetyCOVID-19 Prompts Regulation Rollbacks, And 3 May Have Lasting Effects For Health Care
Forbes - As of April 30th, the system has noted six COVID-related deregulations. Three are directly connected to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
May/01/2020New Normal, Retail, SafetyShopping malls could reopen soon. Here are the changes you can expect
USA Today - When shoppers return to their local Simon mall or outlet, they'll likely find food courts with lessseating, directional signs and dividers to control the flow of foot traffic, and free temperature testing via infrared thermometers.
May/01/2020New Normal, Workplace15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Workforce Productivity
CMO - Many people from all over the United States are trying their hand at remote work for the very first time.
May/04/2020Workplace, Safety, New NormalWill COVID-19 end open plan offices, useless meetings, and handshakes?
MarketPlace - Even after most offices reopen, work life won’t be the same. To help us imagine what might await U.S. workers when they return, we reached out to experts to predict what post-COVID-19 offices will be like.
Will COVID-19 end open plan offices, useless meetings, and handshakes?
May/08/2020Travel, New NormalCNN - What will staying in a hotel look like in the near future?
Goodbye, breakfast buffets and bellhop service. Hello, temperature screening and keyless check-in.
May/08/2020New Normal, Safety, WorkplaceNational Law Review - Re-opening amid COVID-19: Managing Higher Risk Employees
As employers plan to re-open for business or ramp up to full operations, it is critical to prepare for return to work concerns expressed by employees who have been identified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or local safer-at-home orders as high risk.
May/09/2020New Normal, SafetyCNN - The two countries that show life beyond lockdown isn't what people think it will be
Life as we know it in much of the world has been turned upside down by the coronavirus. But two countries have been widely held up as examples of how to handle a pandemic: South Korea and Germany.
May/10/2020New Normal, Safety, Dining, RetailTampa Bay - Reopening in the coronavirus era: How to adapt to a new normal
People will have to weigh the risk versus benefit of getting out more, along with their own tolerance for uncertainty
May/10/2020New Normal, DiningLas Vegas Review Journal - Restaurants reopen, find no rush for new normal in Las Vegas
With restaurants getting the go-ahead to resume dine-in service Saturday, while adhering to specific protocols, an unscientific spot-check of dining corridors in Southern Nevada found a majority delaying their reopenings.
May/11/2020New Normal, Retail, SafetyCNBC - Here’s how you’ll be safely shopping for clothes as stores begin to reopen
The ‘new normal’ for retailers will be to work with shoppers in a hands-free way to help them to find what they need while also giving them the space to feel comfortable, particularly with high-risk groups
May/11/2020New Normal, Safety, WorkplaceBusiness Insider - Here's a full guide to reopening your workplace, according to top companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks
A Seattle-based venture group surveyed the region's largest companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Costco to find out how they are planning to return employees to offices.
May/11/2020Dining, New Normal, Safety

Canton Rep - Ohio restaurant installs shower curtains to comply with state orders
At Twisted Citrus, tables have been rearranged to face back to back, with the idea of limiting contact between parties. The new floor plan reduces seating capacity from 80 people to 55.

May/11/2020New Normal, Industry DisruptorsForbes - What brand purpose needs to look like right now
Businesses shouldn't attempt long-term planning during the pandemic as no one can predict what the future will look like after this period of what is "highly abnormal," writes Superunion's Jim Prior.
May/12/2020New NormalCNN - Our cities may never look the same again after the pandemic
From Auckland to Bogota, urban planners are already adapting our cities to lockdown. But will the changes last, and which more radical design proposals -- be it sewer monitors or "epidemic skyscrapers" -- will shape the post-pandemic city?
May/21/2020Dining, New Normal, SafetyLas Vegas Review Journal - Streets closed in downtown Las Vegas to make way for dining
The City of Las Vegas has blocked off traffic at two locations — in the Arts District and just off Fremont Street — to serve as communal outdoor dining areas.
May/21/2020New Normal, Industry Disruptors, WorkplaceWSJ - Coronavirus Lockdowns Spark Boom in Online Learning for Adults, Too
The online business of teaching skills like writing, calligraphy or languages thrives; ‘we’re all seeing the minutes skyrocket’
May/21/2020Dining, New NormalAdobe Spark - How Restaurants Reinvented Themselves During COVID-19 & Possibly Forever
Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Going Casual
May/21/2020New Normal, WorkplaceAxios - Facebook could have 50% of staff on remote work by 2030
In an internal meeting with staff on Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is planning to shift the majority of its workforce to be able to work remotely in the next 5-10 years
May/21/2020New Normal, Industry DisruptorsLaw 360 - 4 Things To Know About Plan To Speed COVID-19 Patent Apps
A new U.S. Patent and Trademark Office program will prioritize the examination of COVID-19-related patent applications from small businesses, and while it could result in patents issuing very quickly, applicants need to make sure the program makes sense for their invention. Here are the top things to consider.
May/21/2020Dining, Industry Disruptors, New NormalLA Taco - L.A.’S First Legal Liquor Store on Wheels will be selling booze on the streets starting next week
Can a traditional liquor store in one of L.A.’s most notorious barrios offer higher-quality (and higher-priced) artisanal-craft products without alienating their old-school Latino customer base?
May/22/2020New Normal, WorkplaceUSA Today - Working from home post-COVID-19? Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Microsoft embracing remote work
Silicon Valley and Seattle giants – Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter – were the first to send their employees home as the virus spread to the U.S. Now they're among the last to return them to the office. Some of their employees might never go back.
May/24/2020New Normal, WorkplaceWJ - For Many, Remote Work Is Becoming Permanent in Wake of Coronavirus
Some companies in Silicon Valley, a business trendsetter, are moving to make remote work the new normal
May/26/2020New Normal, WorkplaceCNBC - Google will reimburse up to $1,000 for employees to buy work-from-home gear
Google employees will receive a stipend to help them continue working from home.
May/27/2020New Normal, SafetyNPR - From Camping To Dining Out: Here's How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities
Your personal risk depends on your age and health, the prevalence of the virus in your area and the precautions you take during any of these activities.
Jun/01/2020New Normal, Industry DisruptorsBusiness2Community- 3 Prospecting Strategies for Rebuilding Your Portfolio During COVID-19
With many businesses reducing ad spend or pausing accounts after the initial impact of COVID-19, many digital marketing agencies have found themselves with losing both spend under management and clients. If your agency is one of the many that has lost clients, you need to start prospecting for new accounts to rebuild your portfolio.
Jun/01/2020New NormalBusiness2Community - Marketing Guide for Businesses Reopening After Coronavirus
Business owners must keep that in mind as they plan to resume some of their normal operations. In fact, “normal” might look very different for a while, as we all work together to take precautions to overcome this pandemic and keep ourselves and those around us safe.
Jun/02/2020New Normal, Travel, TechnologyApptopia - The top online travel agencies in the US may be on the road to recovery
Downloads of the top 17 OTA (online travel agency) apps in the US got back to pre-pandemic levels on May 28th after increasing for 10 straight days. Combined sessions of these apps have grown 5% just over the past 10 days.
Jun/02/2020New Normal, WorkplaceLaw 360 - As Virus Wanes, Employers Warm Up To Long-Term Telework
Many businesses plan to let employees continue working remotely when they reopen their offices and may keep doing so even after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, according to a survey released Tuesday by Littler Mendelson PC asking more than 1,000 employers how they're navigating the return to work.
Jun/08/2020Education, New NormalCNBC - These millennials are reinventing the multibillion-dollar #education industry during #coronavirus
The coronavirus pandemic has sparked the world’s largest-ever remote learning experiment.
Jun/09/2020Workplace, New NormalPC Mag - Remote Work Will Never Be the Same, And That’s a Good Thing
The home office you’ve occupied for months could be the wave of the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about remote work – and it's about time.
Jun/10/2020New Normal, Workplace, SafetyInc - How to Handle Customers Who Won't Follow Safety Rules
When you reopen your business, you need to make new policies clear to customers--and respond appropriately if they refuse to comply.
Jun/11/2020New Normal, Workplace, SafetyBloomberg - Trying Out New Office Layouts for the Post-Pandemic Age<br> Cushman & Wakefield experiments with distant desks, one-way aisles, restricted conference rooms, and lots of signage.
Aug/03/2020New Normal, Workplace, SafetyLaw 360 - Va. Workplace Virus Safety Mandate Has High Compliance Bar
Meeting the strict exposure assessment, notification, social distancing and sanitization obligations under Virginia’s recently enacted COVID-19 workplace safety standard, which can serve as a guide for employers in other states, will require on-the-ground enforcement beyond compliance on paper, say attorneys at Morgan Lewis.
Aug/03/2020New Normal, Safety, WorkplaceRollCall - Conflicts over work placesafety mount as more employers require COVID-19 liability waivers.
Numerous employees, mostly lower-wage and minority workers in #essential jobs, have called lawyers to complain.
Aug/03/2020New Normal, Workplace, SafetyABA Journal - How effective are liability waivers in the age of the novel coronavirus?
Doing business during a pandemic can be risky because the stakes are high.